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Water purifier part of the water purifier

1.What is this product for?
Used to purify water, as we all know, tap water from a waterworks, by a long galvanized pipe and tank, water tower, which will be affected by pollution, so the tap water in the home, with a lot of rust, mud, bacteria and other harmful substances, long-term use the polluted water, for you and your family's health caused serious damage, and water purifiers, contaminated water can be, restore the true nature of its clean.
2. What is the water after the product is filtered?What kind of water is purified water?
It's purified water.Purifying water is a general term, which can be referred to as purifying water through PP cotton filtration, ultrafiltration membrane or filtration of filtration material.The water filtered through reverse osmosis is often called pure water.Purifying water can be used to remove harmful substances in water while retaining the beneficial trace elements and minerals in the water.
3. What is the standard of water purification from the American water purifier?
To purify the water quality is better than that of national life drinking water health standards, including microorganisms, such as turbidity index can reach drinking water quality standard (GB1734-1998), and kept the beneficial trace elements and minerals in the water.
4. How long can the filter cartridge be used?
The life of filter element is related to water quality, use time and product maintenance.The fine membrane material of high strength modified PVC with food grade is adopted, and the normal service life of the household is about 3-5 years.
5. When do I need to change the filter?
When water purifier water rate is greatly reduced, much smaller than the original flow or no flow, after flushing still can't recover, already can't meet the requirements of your water, this time will need to replace filter.But the water quality of water purifier is still qualified.It 's safe to use.
6. Is the product so simple to achieve the purification effect?
We use composite filter core, so the volume is smaller.The key to the purifying effect of purifier is whether the filter technology is advanced, but not the size.
7.What is the difference between the water that your product is filtered and the purified water?
Our products are purifying water by the ultrafiltration membrane filtration, in removing silt, rust, bacteria, harmful substances such as organic matter at the same time, keep the water on the human body useful minerals and trace elements, such as mineral water.Purified water is filtered through the reverse osmosis membrane, and it filters the tap water of the water, regardless of its beneficial or harmful effects. It is pure.In addition, the water pressure is needed in the production process, electric, and produce a large amount of waste water, the water rate is small, we do not need pressure, electric products, rely on the pressure of tap water filter, water making process does not produce waste water, water rate is big, can easily solve the problem of family of a large number of domestic water purification.The quality of water such as kitchen washing, soup and cooking is very important for good health.
8.Can your product remove scale?
The water filtered by our product will not form the stubborn scale quickly as before.Because the main components of the scale is usually due to their high content of calcium and magnesium ions in water, the heating form of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate precipitation and difficult to soluble in the water suspended solids, colloid aggregate together.And the living water purifier using ultrafiltration membrane separation technology, can effectively remove the colloid and suspended solids in the water, so high hardness of water by the ultrafiltration membrane filtration, heating again will only show some loose white powder of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate precipitation, it will not form resistant scale.
9.Do you want this product to power?
Without electricity, our products are filtered directly from the pressure of tap water.
10.What is a KDF?What's the effect?
KDF is a kind of high purity and fine grained copper zinc alloy, mainly used to control bacteria and remove heavy metals in water. It is a new kind of high-tech water purification material.
11. Whether the automatic flushing of the American water purifier is completely clean, such as impurities remain in the water purifier, will it affect the water quality?
The American water purifier adopts the internal pressure ultrafiltration membrane. All the pollutants in the water are trapped in the ultrafiltration membrane tube, which can be discharged from the drain outlet with the straight flush, so the washing is relatively clean.
12.What is the ultrafiltration material made of?
The ultrafiltration membrane is made of a kind of food grade PVC polymer material. The ultrafiltration membrane consists of hundreds to thousands of tiny hollow filaments.It is one of the high-tech of the 21st century.
13.What is the filter element in the product made of?
The filter core of the product is divided into two parts. The ultrafiltration membrane is made of food grade PVC material.KDF is a high purity copper and zinc alloy particle with a purity of 99.99%.
14. Does the product have disinfection function?
Our product is not kill bacteria, but through the precision of 0.01 microns ultrafiltration membrane completely intercept the bacteria and other harmful substances in the water, purification of water containing water molecules, beneficial minerals, trace elements and the intercept can discharge outlet of harmful substances with the following, is a purely physical filtration effect.



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