The biggest difference

What is the water? What is the water? Pure water is the water to maximize the removal of various elements, retaining only the water molecules in the removal of harmful substances at the same time, also removing trace elements beneficial. Clean water is through physical filtration and adsorption of activated carbon, to remove harmful substances from peers, can retain the trace elements and minerals needed by the body. I think there is no need to declare war against each other between the two, water purification and water like cars and trucks compared is a kind, no, each have each benefits. Between the two key according to the local water to set, differences between the north and South China Water larger, ordinary tap water if less hardness, does not contain toxic and harmful substances in the recommended water use water purifier; if the hardness is relatively large, the water heavy metals exceeded or groundwater, it is recommended that using RO pure water machine; between the two have in common is that safety, health. The biggest difference is the content of minerals.

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